Tesla Road Trip - Nevada to Oregon - Part 3

Posted on May 13th, 2022
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Tesla Road Trip - Nevada to Oregon - Part 3

Our detour leads us through the city of Yerington NV, a small community with the cutest Main Street. The history of Yerington is unique, as it was originally propped up with the hopes of being a stopping point for the Carson Colorado railway that never came. I had a small appetite but didn’t want to ruin myself for the upcoming apple pie, so I went to a highly recommend Mexican place called El Superior Restaurant, and the chips and salsa was fantastic. Stomach growlies appeased, I hopped back on the road. You’ll quickly pass-through Wellington at come to Holbrook Junction – This could be important, check the charge left on your Tesla. If you plan on spending the night in Gardnerville or Minden, there are plenty of free level 2 chargers but if you plan on just passing through, the next Super Charger is in Lake Tahoe and it’s a climb. Make sure you got the juice, if you don’t you can take a quick detour south to Topaz Lake. Full Super Charger and an amazing lake.

Topaz Lake is beautiful and a great destination spot for the locals that live in the surrounding areas that don’t want to deal with the crowds at Lake Tahoe, plenty of boating and fishing during the summertime.

Gardnerville sits about 30 minutes below Lake Tahoe and is a wonderful place to stop and explore its rich history. It has the classic small-town vibe with historic bars and eateries all around. I checked into the Historian Inn and plugged the Tesla into the free Level 2 just outside. Across the street, I met my friends at the famous J.T Basque. Since I won’t be driving the rest of the day, I bellied up to the bar for their famous Picon Punch. Yummy! Strong 😊. I also took my chances and successfully stuck a dollar bill to the roof, like the Picon Punch, it's a tradition. If you ever stop by, look for Cool Jag, that’s me… Dinner completed, first round of alcohol ingested, now off to apple pie and good conversion… Probably also whiskey 😉


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May 13th, 2022