Tesla Road Trip - Nevada to Oregon - Part 1

Posted on April 21st, 2022
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Tesla Road Trip - Nevada to Oregon - Part 1

If you’re a road tripper like me, you want to take your time as you explore new locations.

In this post, I’m going to highlight fun and unique things about my journey and of course cool places to stay.

Leaving Las Vegas on I95, you quickly pass-through Indian Springs, the home of the Creech Air Force Base. Keep a look to the skies and you might see some Drone training being conducted.

My first charging spot is in Beatty, the gateway to Death Valley. Should you want to explore Beatty, the Rhyolite Ghost town and Beatty Museum is worth the time. Load up on munchies at the Death Valley Nut & Candy Factory or nab a dog at Happy Burro Chili and Beer, keep in mind its pretty smoky inside.

Looking to stay the night, there are several good places but I recommend driving about 30 miles North and stay at the eclectic Shady Lady bed and breakfast. After all, road trips are about adventure 😉

Heading North, you soon come to Goldfield, which is the largest city in Nevada…In 1907 that is. If you blink, you’ll find that you passed right through it but that would be a mistake. Take a little time and explore the history, every shop will have a walking tour booklet. There is so much more to see than is readily apparent. Quench your thirst at the Santa Fe Saloon.

Next charging stop is Tonopah. This is one of my favorite stops and well worth spending the night. If you’re a ghost chaser, stay at the Mizpah Hotel and get a visit by the Lady in Red or stay at the Clown motel, voted the scariest Motel in America. Ghosts not your cup of tea, there’s many other places to stay that the ghosts don’t visit.

Take the Historic Mining tour and learn about Tonopah’s rich history. Arrive on a Saturday and your in for some excitement at the Tonopah Speedway but I’m all about the night sky. Tonopah is rated as a top destination for star gazing as there are no big city lights to blur the view. From May to October, Tonopah offers free Star Parties every Saturday. Don’t forget to stop by Tonopah Brewing company for some great BBQ and beers.


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April 21st, 2022