Navigating Resort Fees

Posted on February 9th, 2022
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Navigating Resort Fees

When traveling these days, you have surely come to see that several hotels, especially those in Las Vegas, New York, Florida and the Caribbean charge “Resort Fees” at the hotel. These fees are independently charged by the hotel for such things as use of pools, towels, gym, clubs, shuttles services and the like.

The average nightly cost of a resort fee is $25 a night and they are not showcased to travels in the price that is displayed in any booking site. In many countries, these fees are illegal.

They are required, however, to be displayed before you book. With FlyStayGo, we show all the Resorts Fees at the booking page under “Payment Polices.” They may be presented as “Resort Fee”, “Taxes & Fees”, “Fees” will be “charged at hotel.”

Why do hotels charge these fees? One, they look like a more attractive price to shoppers. Two, they can circumvent “room taxes” in several municipalities. Finally, they currently don’t pay commission on those fees to travel agencies.

You can save more on your travel by paying attention to the “Payment Policies” of the hotel that are displayed on your booking page to ensure you are not going to be charged extra by the hotel.

Navigating Resort Fees


Posted on:
February 9th, 2022